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Website Design

Website Design

Your website’s overall design can be the difference between 2 sales or 20 sales a month. Creating websites that are visually pleasing and simple to use is our specialty. NewGuyMedia has been designing websites for over 10 years and has experts right here in Fort Myers, Florida. Whether you’re starting your first business website or looking to improve upon an existing one, we are here to help.

Planning and Good Communication

One of the core qualities to look for when choosing a web development firm is good communication. Good communication allows for solid planning, and ultimately, a website that will better suit your business needs.

When you work with our professionals, we walk you through all the options you have when creating a website. Most of our customers have never created a website; we take it upon ourselves to make sure your first website goes smoothly. Setting reasonable expectations and guidelines makes the whole process more manageable. Never be afraid to ask your developers about unclear milestones set within your project timeline.

You know your customers better than we do; merging our expertise is key to creating the website that best represents your company.

Prioritize the bottom line, don’t get bogged down with artistic looks

Many aspects go into creating a well-designed website. It can be easy to try and make everything perfect, but it’s never going to be perfect on the first build. Every decision made should be to increase the bottom line, which is to sell more. Don’t get bogged down on the small things; if you find yourself going back and forth with a million little revisions, it might be time to move on.

You aren’t trying to create a work of art; you are just trying to get your message across as simply and effectively as possible.

Good structuring of your elements and content, along with guidance from professionals, will help you generate more leads from your website.

We step into the brains of your customer and build a website around how they would use it. Having the insight to work from the customer perspective takes years of practice. Catering your message and strategically placing it in a way to lead them from one section to the other helps keep them engaged.

Higher engagement leads to better conversions.

Visuals and Content

Once you have the essentials done, you can start to look towards making your website more unique. This is where you can start to make your personal branding more apparent.

  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Photos
  • Written Content

These are all mediums in which you can add some flare to your website. Great photos and good writing helps give clients a feel for what kind of business you are. As a matter of fact, good images are essential for making your brand feel authentic and allow you to come off as more personal online. You can leverage pictures to show off the previous works done for other clients too.

Accessibility and Cross-platform

Making your website accessible across all platforms has become increasingly more important over the years. Over half of all users will access your website through a mobile phone. That’s why we create websites that adapt to any display, desktop, or mobile device.

Optimizing your site for displays isn’t the only accessibility issue. Make sure pictures and links have alt text. Alt text allows people with seeing impairments to have software read your website to them. Also, make the writing on your website easy to read; most Americans only read at a 7th-8th grade level, simpler sentences are better.


When looking to have your website built, make sure you find a company willing to work with you every step of the way. Quality, experienced web developers aren’t the cheapest things to come by; however, they are worth every penny when you find them. If you are looking to work with someone local to Florida, we have website designers that work right out of the Fort Myers area.

6 qualities your website design company should have

So you are finally thinking about creating a website for your business. That’s great! Most people don’t realize that 30% of customers will not work with a company if they don’t have a website. 

Before embarking on this stressful journey, it’s important to look for a few essential qualities. A reputable company can truly make your website a valuable asset for your business. New Guy Media provides comprehensive website designs and has developers located in Fort Myers, Florida.

  1. Check Out Their Portfolio 

Looking at a web development company’s portfolio should be one of the first things you do. If they are a trustworthy development firm, they should have a tab on their website to showcase their best works. Past works can give a rough idea of what they are capable of creating. It also helps to see their creative ability at work.

  • Check Out Their Reviews

A simple google search is usually all you need to find reviews on a company. Looking at their Google Business Page can help you gauge their past client’s opinions. Don’t just check out the first reviews; check the highest and lowest-rated reviews. Seeing the best and worst gives a better overall picture of what you can expect. 

  • Choose Someone with a Passion for Web Development

Find someone who is going to be passionate about your project. A website should have a flair and personality about it. Creating sites is just as much a technical project as it is a creative project. Combining the two aspects can only be done by someone with a deep drive to create stunning websites. 

  • Great Communication is Must

Establishing a healthy line of communication is key to making a project run smoothly. Setting the foundation and getting a brief of the entire problem should happen first. Guidelines for how communication should take place also needs to be discussed. Are you going to have a phone call meeting once a week? Are you expected to email them every few days? Ask a couple of these questions to get an idea of how they best communicate. 

Make sure to take responsibility on your end as well. That means fully responding to requests that they ask for and creating well-thought emails. You don’t want to bog down your developers with ten different emails where one would have sufficed. Sending a bunch of poorly structured emails can create friction in the development process.

  • Appropriate for Your Budget

Unfortunately, if you are looking for a quality web developer, it’s going to cost you. I’m not advocating to spend like a drunken sailor. I’m asking that you think of your website as a business asset. Something that is going to make you money over the long haul. 

You should set a reasonable budget for your website, expect to spend a portion of your yearly business income. Then you should look for a business based on those criteria.

  • Marketing Skills

Along with the overall design, you need to make sure your web development company can help you drive traffic. Websites are great – when you have people visiting them. 

Your web development agency should be able to help you drive people to your website. There are a couple of ways to do it, but you’ll find that SEO can be one of the most lucrative returns on investment. 


Good web developers are in high demand; finding one that will fit all of your needs will take a little time. Relying on reviews and testimonials from other business owners can help weed out the bad companies. New Guy Media is known for stellar website designs and has developers right here in Fort Myers, Florida. With over ten years of experience, they have helped many Florida business owners with their websites. 

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